From time to time, Robin will post video and audio recordings of her teachings in addition to the material she provides in her workshops and private sessions.

Shamanism Workshops, Levels I, II and III
Two day experiential workshops ~ 


Level I ~ students learn the history, cosmology, and basic shamanic tools, practices and guidelines of the shamanic practitioner. We will work with Shamanic Journeys, Chant, Dance, Drumming, Journaling, and the Medicine Wheel, learning to integrate our innate gifts.

Level II ~ Students learn to use Shamanic Journeys, Drumming, Dance, Ritual and Ceremony, Medicine Tools, and other Shamanic practices to assist ourselves and others to find the best and highest purpose; heal old wounds; transform negative energies, and use multi-dimensional, multi-generational tools to change, transform and create new realities.

Level III ~ Students will begin to practice their skills with other participants; learn to design and facilitate ceremonies and rituals for healing and holding sacred intention; perform Soul Retrievals, Cord Cutting, Aura Cleansing, Entity Removal, and many other shamanic healing practices. Through practice and demonstration, students will be awarded certification as a Shamanic Practitioner.

Path of the White Wolf
White WolfThe Medicine Wheel is a method to understand life’s cycles and transitions; envision and manifest one’s life passion and purpose; release old patterns; access ancestral wisdom; connect to the Divine within; weave the web of interconnectedness, and integrate the lessons of life. In this year long study, Robin engages with students in a bi-weekly skype session and emails, based on the book "Path of the White Wolf", with interwoven shamanic practices, guided meditations, and personal assignments. Students envision their Solo Path; enliven their Soul's Design and Purpose in Partnership with other Co-Creators; heal and balance the Shadow and Light Within; connect to their Spiritual, Cultural and Ancestral Lineages and activate the gifts within their DNA; practice perfect alignment with Father Sky/Mother Earth, and integrate their Perfect Blueprint in the core of their beings. 

Private Sessions
Have you ever felt as if a part of your "Self" is missing? Robin offers Soul/Power and Essence Retrievals. Do you find yourself enmeshed with someone in a way that doesn't feel healthy? Robin can cut the 'aka' cords, the invisible, energetic, usually manipulative ways we attach to one another. Do you need to understand more about who you are and why you're here? Robin can do a reading, with the cards, and past life remembrance, plus look at specific parts of the Akashic records to enlighten this portion of your Soul's Journey. Do you feel as if you're continually playing out past Karma? Robin can assist you to identify and nullify old Karmic debts, curses, agreements. Do you need to forgive yourself and/or others? Robin can assist with a Ho'o ponopono ceremony, the Hawaiian way of Forgiveness. 


Path of the White Wolf

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