Robin YoungbloodRobin Tekwelus Youngblood, Okanagon/Tsalagi, is a weaver of many worlds ~ a bridge between indigenous and modern cultures; between the past and the future. Robin is a shamanic practitioner, international teacher, author and artist, as well as a recognized healer. She has been a student of her heritage for many years, learning the sacred shamanic teachings of Indigenous elders from her own Native American tribes, along with Siberian, Polynesian and Aboriginal Wisdom Keepers.

Says Robin: "I believe that the only way to co-create harmony and build strong, healthy communities in these times, is to re-educate ourselves in the natural rhythms of our Earth Mother through ritual and ceremony. We are all connected through the Web of Creation, and we must all weave a new world together. It is my hope to share what I have been taught in ways that will help each of us to remember our innate connection to each other, Mother Earth, and All That Is."

SailingToday, Robin travels the world as an Ambassador/Guide to assist community co-creation, utilizing both indigenous foundational principles and evolutionary process to envision and manifest a healthier, sustainable and more balanced world. In the traditions of her elders, Robin offers Shamanic teachings, Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge ceremonies, weddings and many other rituals. In 2012, she facilitated seminars, ceremonies and conferences in Holland, as an Elder at the Seven Generations Wisdom Keepers Gathering; throughout South Africa in Johannesburg, Clarens and Cape Town; in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Hawaii and New Zealand. In 2013, Robin returns to share in Hawaii, Holland, S. Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and throughout the United States.

Robin and Cambodian KidsRobin is a licensed minister of Church of the Earth; an authorized Medicine Woman of the Calusa Seminole; a Guide for Barbara Marx Hubbard's Agents of Conscious Evolution; a member of the Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation, the Crown of the Mothers of the Waters Council, and a member of the World Wisdom Council.  She is enrolled in the Bear Clan Metis, is adopted into the Lakota, Ojibway, Cree and Calusa Seminole nations, and was initiated in 2012 by Chief Fleming Otey, as a Sub-Chief of the Native American Indian Eastern Council of the Yadkin River Valley in Salisbury, N. Carolina. Recently, Robin was knighted in the Order of St. John of Jerusalem/Hospitallers, for her healing and philanthropic work around the world.

Robin and co-author Sandra D'Entremont recently released the book, "Path of the White Wolf, An Introduction to Shamanism", which enables readers to understand life's cycles and transitions; envision and manifest one's life passion and purpose; release old patterns; access ancestral wisdom; connect to the Divine within; weave the web of interconnectedness, and integrate the lessons of life. Robin has a one year skype course using her book as a foundation for transition and transformation. To join the course, please email her directly.

To organize or attend a shamanic workshop or community conference, please email Robin at whitewolfclanmother@yahoo.com To learn more, or visit her calendar.


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